Marie’s Mission by the Numbers

On Saturday February 16th, the Mission distributed 100 Packages of diapers and wipes to 57 families!  We also gave out 18 tubes of diaper cream.   We also had two new families this month. 

February Extras (February is National Children’s Dental Health Month)

Thanks to the assistance of parishioner and MM Board of Directors member Dr. Jenny Bram, we had a group of students and Professor Irina Smilyanski from the Forsyth School of Dental Hygiene at MCPHS visit our mission.  The students distributed 60 goodie bags to our guests.  The bags included a voucher for free comprehensive dental hygiene services at the School plus lots of dental care supplies and a small book entitled “A Healthy Mouth for Your Baby”. The whole Bram family helped with crafts and fun for all.

Our Helpers

Thanks to the efforts of our volunteers we were able to provide a wonderful time for all our guests. Because of the generous donations of our helpers, we were provide fruit, bagels and cream cheese, cupcakes, juice and coffee (for the parents) to our guests. Special thanks to Sarah-Kate Johnson who donated individual juice boxes for all the children and to MM board members Crystal Suarez (homemade cupcakes) and Mary Kalmanovitch (fruit)

March Plans

As the mission continues to grow, we are planning to try out a “volunteer management app” called  to help us manage our activities.  Volunteers will be receiving email asking if they are available/interested.  We will be rolling it out this month. Please let us know what you think.

What we Need

We gave out gave out 32 packages of size 6 this month. The next closest amount is size 5. We gave out 21 of those. Larger sizes (5, 6, and 7) continue to be our most popular. We did give out 6 packages of NB this month, the most in a single distribution.


Marie’s Mission Annual Dinner is Saturday February 24th at 5:30 PM.