In our first month, April 2016 Marie’s Mission distributed one package of 30 diapers to one family.

In 2023 Marie’s Mission gave out 3,110, packages of diapers for a total of 143,220 diapers

Diapers go with Wipes, and we gave out 3,110 packages of wipes

We have expanded our ministry to include hospitality, fellowship, and pastoral care for guest families which include health education and connections to pediatric and dental care. We also have a youth- led literacy program with lending library.

Marie’s Mission is a Ministry of St. Michael’s on the Heights Episcopal Church and established in loving memory of Marie Louise Galvin, infant daughter of Sarah and Patrick Galvin. We are a part of a qualifying 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization known as Human to Human, an action ministry founded by the Episcopal Diocese of Western Massachusetts that supports outreach programs like us. 

family that can present a MassHealth card or a WIC card can use Marie’s Mission services. People of all religions or none are welcome to participate. We have partnerships with UMass Medical School, MCPHS, Ascentria Care Alliance, and Florence House. Our program has received competitive grants from St. Vincent Hospital, Fallon Health, and the Diocese of Western Massachusetts.