Marie’s Mission by the Numbers 

On Saturday, March 16th, the Mission distributed 118 Packages (3,540 diapers) of diapers and wipes to 67 families!  We also gave out 32 tubes of diaper cream.   Additionally, we welcomed 7 new families this month.   

March Extras (March is National Reading Month

We distributed board books and flash cards as a part of the “Diaper Time is Talk Time” program (an early reading program) with material provided by the National Diaper Bank Network.  These materials included handouts to have a child name their favorite book. Our coloring /craft area included a coloring page to make your own bookmark. 

We continued to work on our “reading corner” with the addition of our assistant (mother goose) and books for our monthly reading time (this month was Llama Llama Loves to Read) 

Our Helpers 

As usual we had a large group of volunteers turn out for Distribution Day. This month we rolled out a “volunteer management app” called  to help us manage our activities.  A second sign-up designed for packing day which will be going out for April. 

April Plans 

April will have a spring /Easter theme we plan to continue distributing books along with flower seeds and other spring fun items. 

What we Need 

We gave out gave out 36 packages of size 6 this month. The next closest amount is size 5, with 25 packages. Larger sizes (4, 5, 6, and 7) continue to be our most popular. We did give out 15 packages of size four this month.  


Marie’s Mission Annual Dinner on Saturday February 24th was a great success, with the donation of 4,261 diapers 54 packages of wipes. We also received many cash donations.