Marie’s Mission

Diaper Outreach Program

St. Michael’s on-the-heights Episcopal Church

“Marie’s Mission” by the Numbers

On Saturday, July 20th, the Mission distributed 136 Packages (4,080 diapers) of diapers and wipes to 77 families!  We also gave out 13 tubes of diaper cream.   Additionally, we welcomed 3 new families this month.

July Extras

We handed out 40 board books and provided a handout of the “Free Summer Meals for Kids and Teens” sites and times for 2019. We also distributed small packages of swim diapers (3 per package) along with buckets and shovels.

Our Helpers

Jane and Linda tracked the numbers and handed out packages.  Father Jose managed the book table and talked with quests about our “Diaper Time is Talk Time “early reading program. Sarah covered the buckets and swim diapers and the Galvin boys managed the craft table helping little guests make monsters and “jet-packs” out of pool noodles.

August Plans

We will be distributing Backpacks to our guests who will be starting school or pre-school this year.

What we Need

Larger sizes (4, 5, 6,) continue to be our most popular. We gave out 19 packages of size six this month and 11 4T/5T pullups (4 boys and 6 girls)


Marie’s Mission Annual Carnival will be held on Saturday, August 24, 2019.

Marie’s Mission will be receiving a Community Service Award from the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) on Friday September 13, 2019, stay tuned for more information.