Marie’s Mission by the Numbers

On Saturday, May 18th, the Mission distributed 122 Packages (3,660 diapers) of diapers and wipes to 68 families!  We also gave out 24 tubes of diaper cream.   Additionally, we welcomed 12 new families this month.

May Extras

We distributed bubbles and sidewalk chalk and the children had an outside craft activity decorating small flower pots and planting flower seeds. WE are continuning to distribute board books and flash cards as an ongoing part of the “Diaper Time is Talk Time” program (an early reading program), with material provided by the National Diaper Bank Network.  These materials included handouts to have a child name their favorite book.

Our Helpers

As usual we had a large group of volunteers turn out for Distribution Day.

June Plans

Students from the Forsyth School of Dental Hygiene at MCPHS will visit our mission again in June.  They will talk about dental care for babies and distribute goodie bags to our guests. 

What we Need

We gave out gave out 35 packages of size 6 this month. The next closest amount is size 5, with 20 packages. Larger sizes (4, 5, 6, and 7) continue to be our most popular. We did give out 18 packages of size four this month and 14 4T/5T pullups (9 boys and 5 girls)


Fallon Health Community Relations extended their diaper drive for Marie’s Mission through May 31th.  In anticipation of increased donations, we have set up a second storage area in Tatro Hall.